Josh Frydenberg is up to his neck in the Morrison Government’s shameless $660 million ‘pork and ride’ cash splash, promising four new car parks in his own electorate but delivering none. The Treasurer himself allocated a tenth of this rorted scheme to his own electorate and he’s been sprung promising hundreds of new parking spaces for
E&OE TRANSCRIPTDOORSTPOP INTERVIEWCANBERRAWEDNESDAY, 4 AUGUST 2021  SUBJECTS: Car park rorts; 20 Most Marginal seats list; Minister Tudge and Prime Minister’s Office role in rorts scandal: Labor’s anti-rorting legislation; Strength in Multicultural Communities ANDREW GILES, SHADOW MINISTER FOR CITIES AND URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE: This morning we saw Alan Tudge run away from questions, well Minister Tudge can
The Government has tabled a signed ministerial brief in which Paul Fletcher describes the scandalous purchase of the Leppington Triangle for $30 million as “perfectly sensible”. The document underlines the Morrison Government’s inept management of major infrastructure projects and its ongoing misuse of taxpayer funds and raises serious questions that deserve answers. Addressed to the
E&OE TRANSCRIPT TELEVISION INTERVIEW CAPITAL HILLMONDAY, 3 AUGUST 2021 SUBJECTS: Qantas workers stood down; Vaccine and quarantine. MATTHEW DORAN, HOST: Catherine King, good afternoon to you. I want to get to that Qantas announcement shortly, but let’s start with this extra support for the aviation sector. Do you think it goes far enough? CATHERINE KING, SHADOW