E&OE TRANSCRIPTDOORSTOP INTERVIEWPARLIAMENT HOUSEWEDNESDAY, 10 JULY 2020 SUBJECTS: Dnata workers; JobKeeper shortfalls; Aviation sector. MICHAEL KAINE, TRANSPORT WORKERS UNION: We’re in Canberra today with workers from the Dnata group, Cabin Services Australia and supporters to say to the Federal Government, the time has come to put fairness back into this JobKeeper scheme. As you’re recalibrating
VIRGIN ADMINISTRATORS CALL FOR URGENT HELP  Virgin Australia’s independent administrators have called on the Morrison Government to immediately indicate its ongoing commitment to supporting Australia’s aviation sector. In a letter sent to the Prime Minister and senior ministers yesterday, the independent administrators made clear that unless the Morrison Government provides support, the ability of the
With their agreement to underwrite Australia’s domestic aviation network due to expire next week, the Morrison Government must move quickly to ensure essential flights continue. As restrictions ease across the country and the numbers of flights increases it is likely that while flights between major metropolitan centres may become commercially viable, those routes in lower
Aviation workers across the country are today standing up to call on the Morrison Government to support their industry as they bear the brunt of coronavirus restrictions. The airline industry was shut down almost overnight by the necessary restrictions brought in by the Commonwealth and state governments to stop the spread of COVID. But, in