Labor is deeply troubled by reports in the Guardian Australia yesterday that the federal Department of Infrastructure has purchased environmental offsets associated with Western Sydney Airport from organisations and individuals who have consulted for government on those very same projects.  The Morrison Government must urgently explain the expenditure of $37.5 million on the selected offset sites. What
DARWIN THURSDAY, 6 MAY 2021 *** CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY ***  Thank you very much for the invitation to address you all today. After a year of meeting over zoom, remotely delivering speeches and cancelled interstate trips, it is a pleasure to once more stand in front of a crowd of friendly faces. We might not be back to normal
After spending all day on Monday talking about their supposed record investment in infrastructure, a close read of the Budget Papers reveals the reality of more cuts and years-long delays to the projects Australians need.  What the Morrison Government press release didn’t tell us is that there will be a $3.3 billion cut to infrastructure
E&OE TRANSCRIPTRADIO INTERVIEWSCA RADIO AUSTRALIA TODAY WITH STEVE PRICETUESDAY, 11 MAY 2021 SUBJECTS: Morrison Government’s latest infrastructure announcements; 2021 Budget, Tourism, Affordable housing. STEVE PRICE, HOST: Figures compiled by the Australian Automobile Association, according to the Australian Financial Review today, show that $4.4 billion has been committed in the last five budgets, a shortfall of