According the latest report from Infrastructure Australia on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australians risk a future stuck in traffic unless the Morrison Government acts to cut congestion in our cities and suburbs. The report highlights that car dependency has increased while patronage on public transport has declined in our cities and suburbs, warning that to
Nine months after the COVID pandemic first grounded Australian airlines, the Morrison Government still has no plan for Australian aviation. With aviation support due to run out this month, the Government’s 11th hour decision to extend essential programs through to March next year was the least they could do. After today’s announcement, JobKeeper and aviation
SENATE INQUIRY TO EXAMINE WESTERN SYDNEY AIRPORTLabor has today established a Senate Inquiry into the Morrison Government’s management of the Western Sydney Airport project, including the purchase of the Leppington Triangle.This is one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, it is essential that it is subjected to appropriate oversight. This inquiry comes after the Morrison Government’s
E&OE TRANSCRIPTRADIO INTERVIEW2SM MARCUS PAUL IN THE MORNINGSTHURSDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2020  SUBJECT: Leppington Triangle; Senate Inquiry into Western Sydney Airport; Federal ICAC. MARCUS PAUL, HOST: We’re joined by Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development. Good morning Catherine. CATHERINE KING, SHADOW MINISTER FOR INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Good morning, Marcus. PAUL: I mean, this is, look,