Shadow Transport Minister Catherine King said the Federal Government needs to urgently support Australia’s aviation industry, particularly our regional airlines. With the crisis rapidly evolving and demand for domestic aviation services reducing daily, our regional airlines need urgent help from the Federal Government. Regional Australians rely on our smaller regional airlines to connect with each other, to
Australia has the most effective domestic aviation system in the world, serving us all with distinction for 100 years. Our airlines, airports and associated companies are comprised of hundreds of thousands of highly-skilled, dedicated Australians. The Federal Opposition is confident that our aviation sector is resilient and it will bounce back once the Coronavirus outbreak
The Federal Government’s support package for the aviation industry is a welcome first step but it is highly likely that much more will be needed. The Government must ensure Australia has a vibrant aviation sector once the Coronavirus outbreak has passed and support the 50,000 Australians who work in the industry. While we haven’t seen
As the nation works to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, the Federal Government must urgently support Australia’s aviation industry and the 50,000 Australians employed within it. Today the Federal Government announced a large step up in quarantine and travel restrictions with 14 days of universal self isolation for all international arrivals and further increases in social