E&OE TRANSCRIPTTELEVISION INTERVIEWSKY NEWS FIRST EDITIONFRIDAY, 26 JUNE 2020 SUBJECTS: Virgin Australia; Qantas. PETER STEFANOVIC, HOST: We’ve got some breaking news that’s just in, it relates to Virgin Airlines. Cyrus Capital Partners has withdrawn its bid for Virgin Australia. Joining me now Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Catherine King. Catherine, good morning
E&OE TRANSCRIPTRADIO INTERVIEWABC NEWS RADIOTHURSDAY, 25 JUNE 2020 SUBJECTS: Qantas. GLEN BARTHOLOMEW, HOST: Catherine King, she is the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport in the Federal Parliament and joins us now. Good evening to you. CATHERINE KING, SHADOW MINISTER FOR INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Good to be with you Glen. BARTHOLOMEW: Do you
The Morrison Government must guarantee regional flights will continue or the economic recovery of communities across Queensland will be put at risk. A stripped-down Virgin Australia would likely focus on high-profit routes between capital cities, delivering fewer flights to the regional communities that need them the most. The aviation sector is crucial for cities and
With final bids for Virgin Australia due this Monday, the Morrison Government has begun the search for someone to blame for any cuts to regional routes and Australian jobs. In April the Treasurer declared that “we want a market-led solution”, but now that the Government is realising that the market might not deliver the best