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An Albanese Labor Government will deliver a new aviation white paper to set the scene for the next generation of growth and development across the aviation sector, while also establishing effective mechanisms for consultation and management of issues like aircraft noise and airport development. Over the course of the pandemic, the Morrison-Joyce Government’s support has delivered little of lasting
Australians reading the Morrison-Joyce Government’s latest infrastructure announcement would be forgiven for feeling a sense of déjà vu with reannouncements of existing projects and even more money for commuter car parks in marginal seats. It’s the same story every year, with big sounding announcements that promise a better future but in the end amount to
An Albanese Labor Government will work with Lake Macquarie City Council and the NSW Government to unlock the region’s economic future by investing $20m to establish a permanent dredge for the Swansea Channel and extendthe Newcastle Mines Grouting Fund to the Lake Macquarie Local Government area (including Charlestown, Cardiff, Morisset, Glendale and West Wallsend). Following
An Albanese Labor Government will partner with Torres Strait Island Regional Council to plan and deliver much needed marine and access infrastructure across Torres Strait.  Marine infrastructure like jetties, wharfs and barges underpin life in the Torres Strait. It is the only way that many communities can access essential supplies like food and water and