Today’s Final Budget Outcome has revealed another billion-dollar shortfall in infrastructure investment, with the Morrison Government’s own document acknowledging that they spent $1.7 billion less for road and rail projects than they promised at last year’s Budget. The Government’s signature Urban Congestion Fund alone underspent by $572 million, with only $148 million of the promised
With aviation support beginning to expire, and borders beginning the slow process of reopening, the Morrison Government must lay out their plan to support Australian aviation. Aviation across Australia is not going to snap back to life mid-next week when the Domestic Aviation Network Support program expires. Some essential routes are going to need support
Minister Fletcher, one of the ministers responsible for the delivery of Western Sydney Airport, today admitted that he received a briefing on the acquisition of the Leppington Triangle, but failed to ask any of the relevant questions that could have stopped an additional $26.7m of taxpayer money flowing to a Liberal donor. On Monday, the
E&OE TRANSCRIPTRADIO INTERVIEWSKY NEWS AM AGENDA WITH TOM CONNELLTUESDAY, 22 SEPTEMBER 2020  SUBJECTS: Western Sydney Airport; Airport Rorts; JobSeeker; Victorian COVID Crisis. TOM CONNELL, HOST: The Shadow Infrastructure Minister, Catherine King. Thanks very much for your time. So we’ve seen what’s been spelled out by the Auditor General’s office, the government says there’ll be an inquiry. Fair enough? CATHERINE