A Senate Committee report released today has given the Prime Minister 15 days to account for his involvement in the administration of the Commuter Car Park Fund. Two witnesses told the committee that in their view aspects of the commuter car park fund amounted to corruption. We know that these processes were not limited to
Infrastructure matters. Infrastructure investment is the key enabling force behind sustainable economic growth. Investing in infrastructure projects creates jobs, boosts productivity and improves lives. Incoming IA chairman Col Murray with his local member Barnaby Joyce. Transport means those in marginalised suburbs and regions can take advantage of opportunity. It allows wealth to spread, it allows
Families in Armstrong Creek, Barwon Heads and all across the Bellarine will have quicker and safer commutes to work, school and weekend sport under an Albanese Labor Government, thanks to a $125 million commitment to help build stage 2 of the Barwon Heads Road duplication. By 2031, Barwon Heads Road is projected to carry up
In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, Barnaby Joyce’s new appointments to the board of Infrastructure Australia amount to little more than a Nationals stack of this integral economic advisory agency. Of seven new appointments to the board, four have easily discoverable links to the Liberal and National Parties. The new chair, Colin Murray, describes