Private health insurers are raking in the profits even as more Australians are being forced to abandon their coverage because of ever-increasing costs. The latest Australian Prudential Regulation Authority figures show the insurers took in more than $24 billion in revenue from premiums in the year to September 2018 but paid out only $20.4 billion
The Morrison Government has been dragged kicking and screaming into accepting an extension to the My Health Record opt-out period. For months, Labor has been calling for an extension in order to get this important reform right. For months, the Liberals have been insisting there was no need for an extension. But in the Senate
Labor will move in the Senate to delay the opt-out deadline for the My Health Record because the Morrison Government refuses to do so. We will seek crossbench support to amend the Government’s legislation to extend the opt-out period for a further 12 months – in line with a key recommendation of the recent Senate
The Senate has today called on the Morrison Government to extend or suspend the opt-out period of the My Health Record. A motion co-sponsored by Labor Senator Murray Watt passed the Senate on Monday with strong support from the crossbench. The motion calls on the government to “extend or suspend the opt-out period until the