An Albanese Labor Government will unlock the economic potential of Morisset by investing $30 million to upgrade Mandalong Road between Morisset and the M1. Labor’s investment will unlock 6,500 new jobs, 4,500 new dwellings and $1.2 billion of capital investment over the next two to five years alone, according to modelling from Lake Macquarie City
An Albanese Labor Government will help breathe new life into Boat Harbour Beach with a $4.5 million investment in the redevelopment of the foreshore. While a beautiful holiday destination, Boat Harbour Beach’s ageing infrastructure and outdated lay out mean Tasmanians can’t make the most of this incredible natural asset. That’s why Labor will partner with
This is a day of humiliation for the Treasurer. The man supposedly in charge of our nation’s finances has been forced to backflip on car park promises he made to his own constituents ahead of the last election. This is what happens when you have an incompetent government that has no interest in the hard
An Albanese Labor Government and a Malinauskas State Labor Government will work together with the Marion Council to redevelop the Marino Community Hall, revitalising this precinct to create a modern community meeting place with a café, gallery, community facilities and performance areas. This project will receive $500,000 from a Malinauskas Labor Government, $2.5m from an
The Morrison-Joyce Government’s infrastructure credibility has taken another hit with the ANAO finding yesterday that government advertising overplayed the role of Commonwealth investment in state-backed projects. This advertising included removing any reference to state-government funding for major projects. In one example, the Morrison-Joyce Government claimed to be adding “two new dedicated busways in Brisbane”, failing


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