With Australians in regional areas such as Ballarat already far less likely than their counterparts in the cities to attend university, the Turnbull Government’s cuts to university funding are threatening to widen this education gap even further. “With university orientation continuing across the region and classes restarting for the year, it is a good time
February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and to show her support Catherine King, Federal Member will be hosting a Morning Teal for women who have been impacted by ovarian cancer in some way.   Ovarian cancer is in the top ten causes of premature death for Australian women. In the next five years, 8,000 women
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd did a great thing for the nation 10 years ago when he said sorry to the Stolen Generations, but more is now needed, Federal Member for Ballarat, Catherine King, said today. Ms King said the practices in place which led to the Stolen Generations were unjust, cruel and wrong. “Saying sorry
As Ballarat students return to school this week the region’s public schools are still left facing cuts of $9.6 million over 2018/19 under the Turnbull government’s funding changes. This data, recently released by the PBO, confirms that Victorian government schools will lose $365.5 million of federal government funding over the next two years alone, with